The company

Besides the exhibition of films from the commercial circuit, Grupocine also has focused on independent films, counting with a total of 110 films annually releases about. Attended more than 520,000 viewers in 2013.

The company currently has 11 rooms: 8 distributed in 3 different complexes located at strategic points in Montevideo, and 3 located in the Department of rivera, in the new shopping center Free Shop "Sineriz".

Rooms information

Grupocine Punta Carretas Shopping Punta Carretas-based. It has 3 rooms, all with 3D and 2D digital technology. His typical audience of shopping in a geographical area of high socio-economic level.

Grupocine Ejido, located in Ejido 1377 corner 18 July 3 rooms, all with 3D and 2D digital technology. Its audience is mainly middle-class inhabitants of the area who attend for geographic proximity and from areas of the city with transportation to the Center.

Grupocine Tower of professionals, located in the 1297 Street colony corner Yaguarón, with 2 rooms, both with 3D and 2D digital technology. Its audience is composed of academics, students, companies which have their offices in the building and inhabitants of the area who attend for geographic proximity.

Grupocine Rivera, located next to the neighborhood Athens and the International Plaza (Santana Do Livramento-Rivera border), has 3 rooms with 3D and 2D digital technology. Note that it is the first venture in Uruguay, and the first in Latin America that has 100% of digital technology.

Capacidad de las Salas por Complejos

Grupocine Punta Carretas
Sala 3 - 125 locations
Sala 4 - 86 locations
Sala 5 - 95 locations
Total seats – 306

Grupocine Ejido
Sala 1 - 195 locations
Sala 2 - 142 locations
Sala 3 - 109 locations
Total seats – 446

Grupocine Torre de los Profesionales
Sala 1 - 139 locations
Sala 2 - 101 locations
Total seats – 240

Grupocine Rivera
Sala 1 - 138 locations
Sala 2 - 138 locations
Sala 3 - 162 locations
Total seats – 438

Commercial information

For advertisers and corporate public, Grupocine offers different products and services.

Advertising: lthe rooms are equipped to be able to project advertising spots, both in digital format or 3D. material must be delivered on DVD or hd high definition with a single copy.

Advertising investment decision-makers can also perform alternative, segmenting by complexes and movie circuits.

The makers of the advertising investment can also perform alternative circuits, segmenting by complex and movies.

Advertising in the circuits elected has a minimum duration of one week film (Cinesemana), which is posted for Thursday to Wednesday. The material should be provided to Grupocine on Wednesday prior to the film week that you want to display advertising on-screen (up to 14 hs to be paginated and scored).