Visionary Business: Some Just Get It.

Small business. Medium business. National brands and global enterprises. You name the size, Mood is there with in-store music and audio visual system design that support your customer experience strategy. Fashion retail. Specialty retail. Restaurant. Hospitality. Medical. Dental. Spas and salons and more. You name the industry, Mood has unrivaled brand marketing expertise and understanding.

With more than 80 years of experience working with such a wide variety of businesses, we’ve come to recognize some common characteristics shared by our most successful clients. Passionate business owners and management. Attention to detail. Customer-centric to the extreme. And rigorous focus on delivering on a consistent brand promise.

At Mood, we believe these common characteristics are keys to success for any business of any size, and we consider it a privilege and responsibility to do our part in helping your business execute and succeed in the achievement of your vision.

Our Story

From Background Music to the Forefront of Experiential Design

Mood Media created the background music industry more than 80 years ago. We’ve come a long way over the years to create a comprehensive suite of customer experience and audio visual solutions, supported by a global service network with unmatched capabilities. Today we are Mood. By Design.

As the global leader for Experience Design Solutions, we help brands connect with their customers by providing music, digital signage, hold music, on-hold messaging, scent, integrated audio-visual, and interactive mobile marketing solutions that help our clients create an unforgettable experience for their customers.

MOOD: By Design

Times have changed. Businesses must redesign every aspect of the customer experience in order to build stronger connections with their customers and create a relevant and familiar environment. Welcome to the world of Experiential Marketing.

MOOD: Music Branding for your business

Our audio solutions help brands to "talk" to their clients and get results

- Music channels
Choose from our collection of pre-programmed music that span all genres and reflect local tastes.

- Brand music
We will create a totally unique musical solution with which to identify your customers, either using our music or music from the major record labels.

- Messages at the point of sale
messages that inform customers and motivate employees.

Manage and program your audio

Establish schedules and rotations, start or pause messages based on changes in inventory and define who is and who does not have permissions to make changes.

A good background music matter. Not only fill the gap. Take your music to the forefront of its strategy of experience for the customer. Experience the value of design and the tranquility and environmental peace which provide music solutions designed for your business. Discover why Mood is the leader leading provider world-wide leading provider world mood is the leading provider of business the world music...As well as all kinds of business has a certain look, feel and personality, also has a sound - all an own music. What is the right soundtrack for your business? Humor offers solutions of commercial music and technology designed for today and tomorrow.


Your audio visual system should be designed to meet the demands of a commercial environment. Mood features the industry’s most powerful media players and delivery platforms. Sound solutions, custom audio-visual systems, digital signage networks, AV integration...we offer the best technology, unmatched experience and unrivalled expertise to support every aspect of your audio visual.