Giving kids a place where be children.

“Investigated by Nickelodeon, tested and approved by the children.” Nick is the first network created just for children and one of the largest producers of the world of TV programs just for them. Today, Nick can be found on all screens of the world, and this is just the beginning! It provides kids a fun, irreverent and safe space that reflects their views. Nickelodeon offers a wide variety of content, including cartoons, series, games, music, events, and preschool programs. But not only that, Nick reflects the everyday life of children and promotes children diversity. Nick creates properties that become icons loved by children around the world: Bob Esponja, Rugrats and Dora the Explorer.

Nickelodeon knows what kids want and gives them from different platforms through its official website,, y Además de las redes sociales como y

Nickelodeon provides children with a fun, irreverent and safe atmosphere that reflects their views and welcomes the wonders of being children. Nickelodeon offers a wide variety of content, including animation, live action, comedy, games, music, events and preschool programs. Nickelodeon is also connected interactively with your audience through its website and In addition to social networks like and

4-12 years

30.423.381 households in Latin America


Nick Jr. is the #1 brand of pre-school content that encourages children to learn while having fun interacting with the world that surrounds them. The philosophy of Nick Jr. "aprender jugando" has revolutionized the children's television in USA, Asia, Europe and now does so in Latin America. Programs promote thinking, problem solving, cognitive skills, and the development of the auto estimates - all through the game.

0-5 years

6.233.347 households in Latin America