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MTV Networks is a division of VIACOM, one of the multimedia larger of the proprietary world of brands like Paramount Pictures, CBS international, Comedy Central, among others.

Recognized throughout the world, MTV Networks is composed of different media: television, digital media, publishing, movies, radios, music, entertainment, licensing and merchandising.

It has also more than 160 channels around the world.

MTV Networks Latinoamérica operates favorite brands such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Mtvla.com, Mundonick.com, Neopets, Gametrailers, Addicting Games, among others.

MTV is the global network's most successful television for young people of the world, and the first television station that mixes music with the best of entertainment that directly represents the interests of the Latin American youth culture in their own language.

MTV offers a combination of series, reality shows, music videos in English and Spanish, local and regional productions, interactive programs, music and entertainment news, interviews with artists, concerts, contests and special exclusive.

MTV Latin America connects with its audiences interactively through its Web pages: mtvla.com, mtvrevolution.com, mtvmusica.com y mtvdemo.com, as well as also connected in the same way with social networks: mtvla.com/facebook y mtvla.com/twitter

12-24 years

24.227.229 households in Latin America